Learning to make a difference

The Geneva Learning Foundation

In a complex, knowledge-driven world, our ability to learn new things in new ways – to know more than what is known – is key to our ability to survive, sustain, and thrive. In the face of growing challenges, no organization, no industry, no government can do so alone.

Education is failing to prepare humanity for the volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity wreaked by accelerating changes in climate, conflicts, and inequality. Existing initiatives do not address this failure. The promise of technology’s affordances and amazing economy of effort for teaching and learning has yet to be fully realized. Attempting to do more of what has been done in the past is not the answer.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the nineteenth century birthplace of the first humanitarian conventions, the Geneva Learning Foundation (La Fondation Apprendre Genève) has the mission to connect learning leaders to research, invent, and trial breakthrough approaches for new learning, talent and leadership as a way of shaping humanity and society for the better.

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Image: Dinosaur. Detail of a painting by Muhammed El-Haroun (2015).