WHO Scholar: A new tool for EPI managers

Since 2016, the World Health Organization has been using the “Scholar approach” (developed by the Geneva Learning Foundation) to accelerate the development of digital skills and leadership for country- and sub-country members of the global immunization community. 

Please complete this form if you are an EPI Manager and would like to:

  • nominate participants for WHO Scholar courses;
  • identify WHO Scholar Alumni in your country who have already been trained;
  • develop a country-specific programme using WHO Scholar courses.

The WHO Scholar team will follow up with you to propose a meeting time to discuss your country’s context, needs, and priorities.

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    I would like to participate in an upcoming courseI would like to know who are the WHO Scholars in my countryI would like to nominate one or more individuals to participate in WHO Scholar coursesI would like to propose a topic for an upcoming courseI would like to contribute to the development of future coursesI would like to use this programme to strengthen EPI in my countryOther interest

    Which of these topics (for WHO Scholar courses already in preparation), which are important for your country's EPI programme?
    Global Routine Immunization Strategies and Practices (GRISP)Vaccination Coverage Cluster Surveys Reference Manual (Survey Scholar)Immunization monitoringData improvement planningHow to improve quality and impact of trainingOther

    Optional questions: Who are the groups and individuals whom you wish to see develop? Which capabilities are urgently needed to strengthen your country’s immunization programme? How could concrete projects developed by learners in a WHO Scholar course be integrated into the EPI?


    Sending your submission can require up to two minutes. Thank you for your patience.